Agriculture is categorized as the primary sector in India. This sector is the producer of all other economic sectors inside India. The agricultural sector produces the raw material for every industry. A large number of the population inside India practice agriculture. The agriculture practice needs a great investment of labor and capital. Except few, a majority of farmers inside India are very poor and they are suffering. They are not able to reach targeted consumers. Due to their limited reach, they are getting very low value for their goods. Their losses are increasing and they are becoming poorer and poorer. Here, on the, we try to create an identity for every person who is working in the agriculture sector and something related to it. Anyone related to agriculture can list themselves or their agricultural unit on the free of cost. We don’t charge money for it. We believe that agriculture and farming is the noblest profession in the world and they should get paid well for it. We want to upgrade the earning of this agricultural sector by promoting every agricultural products unit and farming through our platform.

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