Religion and devotion are becoming the major reason to create a divide among the people of India. In India, a major part of the population is the believer in God and they follow different religions based on their personal and inherited belief system. Some part of the population who follows Hindu dharma in modern India worships and follows the Vedanta. In India, we follow majorly three kinds of religious practices inside Hindu dharma. They are Dvaita, Advaita, and Visistadvaita. • Advaita Vedanta refers that difference is an illusion and we all are the same • Visistadvaitas says that there are some differences • Dvaita says that the differences are real and important. The Islamic followers believe in a system that is similar to Advaita and they don’t believe in idol worship as the Hindu do. The Christians believe in Jesus Christ and his sacrifices and they honor him for what he had done for humankind. lists profiles of personnel in the fields of devotion and religion. We will assist you wherever you need it. When you search on, you will get optimized results related to all devotional services and products. We show search results according to your current location, preferences, and moods.

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